Friday, June 3, 2011

Hot Weather = Homemade Yogurt Season!

Not only is this incredibly easy to make, but it is amazingly inexpensive as well. If yogurt is a staple item in your home, then this is something you have to try. Now, in addition to being easy and cheap, it is very delicious and you can control the added sugar content. How fabulous it that?


1 cup of organic plain Greek yogurt
4 cups of organic milk


• Pour milk into a saucepan. Bring to a boil, but do not scald. Bubbles should be along the edge of the pan. (This process is killing any bacteria that would inhibit the yogurt culture)

• Let the milk cool to room temperature. Do not allow the milk to get cold.

• Pour milk into a glass bowl. Add 1 Cup of organic Greek yogurt to the bowl of milk and mix gently. Now cover the bowl.

• Place the bowl in a consistently warm place 80-90 degrees. Example: Top of refrigerator or in warm garage during summer months.**

• In about 8 hours you will have your homemade yogurt. It should have a jello like consistency. Now take out 1 cup (if you would like) to use for your next batch which will replace the Greek yogurt.

NOTE: If you let your yogurt sit too long it will form a clear liquid on top. This will make your yogurt taste bitter.

You can add many things to your yogurt to make it super yummy. I add a little bit of organic Madagascar vanilla extract and a few drops of stevia to make a delicious low sugar vanilla yogurt. Also, add some ground flax seed for an added health benefit! Some other things people use are honey, fresh fruit, jam or wheat germ. I also make my own yogurt salad dressings from this too. Enjoy! :)

** There are also many electric yogurt makers you can purchase. Try looking at the Yogourmet and the Euro Cuisine.

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