Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Organic Egg Scorecard

Cornucopia Institute Home Page

Thank God for The Cornucopia Institute! Just yesterday, they released a well timed Organic Egg Scorecard that has been 2 years in the making.

For quite some time I have questioned some of the organic egg brands on the market. The brands I always questioned were Kirkland (Costco) organic eggs, Wild Harvest (Supervalu/Cub) and Roundy's Organics. Do you see a trend here? Big grocery chains. However, it does not stop there.

I personally have always purchased Schultz Organic Eggs from Owatonna, MN. I am certain of Larry Schultz's farming practices and therefore I knew I was buying a superior organic egg. I am pleased to see they finished with a "5 egg" rating, but I am not surprised.

I encourage each of you to take a look at the Organic Egg Scorecard and base your future purchases on this report. You and your family deserve to get what you are paying for as a consumer in addition to the full benefits of a truly organic egg.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Welcome to Pure!

First things first - why "pure"?
I chose the name pure for my blog because when I think of ultimate health, I think of a pure mind, a pure body, pure food and pure goodness. Honestly, pure is the opposite of something unadulterated and that pretty much says it all.

Welcome to my blog, pure! I am thrilled that you visited today! Please make sure to sign up for my RSS feeds or sign up to be notified via email each time I post a new blog. Doing this will eliminate the need to repeatedly check my blog for new posts. With the RSS feeds and email notifications you will never miss new information! Please note, that when you sign up for post notifications via email (to your right) you will get an email confirmation from FeedBurner. In order to activate your subscription you must respond to this email so don't forget to check your inbox and junk box and add them to your safe list. :)

It has always been my passion in life to help people and teach people. I also have been for the most part, a health focused person. In 2004 however, I began to really educate myself on food, particularly organics, trans fats and the biochemical impact that food has on our bodies. Then, in 2007, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and Adrenal Exhaustion in 2009. This catapulted me into an entirely different desire to understand health and so, since 2007, I have been studying, researching, listening to lectures and connecting with like minded individuals and professionals to continually educate myself and saturate my mind.

You can ask my friends and family. I speak about nutrition and wellness daily and am constantly trying to educate people on the facts about what they are putting into and onto their bodies. For the normal everyday person it is overwhelming to understand and I have been told to either write a book or go into the nutrition field. Well, I do not feel qualified to write a book first of all, but I do feel qualified to pass on the information in a platform like a blog. As for changing careers, I am still researching that one.

So with that said, I say welcome to pure! Please join me as I conquer the assault on our food and health, one blog at a time.