Monday, November 8, 2010

Suzanne Somers BREAKTHROUGH Tour | One night only - 11.9.2010

I have read both of Suzanne's most recent books, BREAKTHROUGH and KNOCKOUT. Breakthrough was so incredible that I almost read the entire book, cover to cover the first time I picked it up.

I am not exactly certain what to expect at this film, but I know I am eagar to hear what she has to say tomorrow night.

Suzanne Somers, a New York Times Bestselling author of 20 books and one of America's most popular women's health advocates, has partnered with Screenvision, Cinema Events LLC, and Alan Hamel Productions to bring one of her most popular talks on aging and wellness to a national cinema audience. Suzanne Somers' BREAKTHROUGH Tour is an honest, engaging and often humorous discussion encouraging viewers to take charge of their health, recapture their youth and maintain their vitality.

A must-see for men and women alike, Suzanne Somers' BREAKTHROUGH Tour provides an informative and engaging discussion about how she educated herself and took control of her health. Moviegoers will learn how Suzanne tackles difficult life experiences, including cancer, aging and menopause, and the daily steps she takes to stay ageless and vital in a toxic world. Suzanne also explains how men can maintain their vigor, libido, energy, and lust for life.

Suzanne Somers' BREAKTHROUGH Tour delivers cutting-edge health and aging information on the latest treatments for breakthrough wellness and longevity that will keep you smart, sexy and strong! As a special gift from Suzanne, moviegoers will receive with admission a free download of selected chapters from two of her New York Times Bestselling books, BREAKTHROUGH and KNOCKOUT. Gift details will be provided at the end of each event!

My ticket is purchased! Is yours?

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